Maintain Your Stone Fruit Trees

Cari Ortolani,
Since today’s temperature reached 50º F. and the trunk of one of my apricot trees had been infected with bacterial canker, I took the liberty of removing the malignancy to keep my plant healthy and produce another bumper crop next summer.
Canker is no stranger to stone fruits (apricot, cherry, peach, plum), and if left untreated, the infection can spread and destroy the whole plant.
First I needed to remove the gummy substance with a sharp chisel and a small pointed knife, then I painted the wound with a mixture (40% white latex paint and 60% water) to seal the injury and prevent it from spreading.
This process should be part of your yearly winter inspection/maintenance to ensure health and productivity for years to come.
Don’t wait until spring when the sap starts to flow, during the dormant season is the opportune time.

The whole procedure, and more, is in my book, THE COMPLETE ORGANIC GARDEN

Buon Anno,

Nick Mancini, The Organic Italian


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