Protect your fig trees

Cari Ortolani,
As you already know, fig trees are subtropical and need winter protection in cold climates. Some cultivars like Brown Turkey and Celeste are more winter hardy, however, they do not produce high quality fruit like the more delicate types found in California and temperate zones of Europe.
Yesterday, with the help of two colleague Master Gardeners, we bunched and tied the branches of my Latterula, erected a house like structure with 2×4’s and covered it with 1 inch Styrofoam insulation.
Afterwards, we wrapped it with a tarp, and now is fully protected from the cold/wind and waiting for spring to arrive.
If you have a fig sapling, don’t plant outdoors in the fall, wait until spring and after the frost date in your area has passed. For more details, refer to my book: THE COMPLETE ORGANIC GARDEN
Ci risentiamo,
Nick Mancini, The Organ Italian


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