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Surf grub you saffron patch

Cari Ortolani,

Sorry for the long absence. I needed to finish my organic book entitled THE COMPLETE ORGANIC GARDEN (ISBN # 978-0-9897749-0-1), which has 397 pages, over 1,300 photos/illustrations and will be out at the middle of October.

Two weeks ago I removed the banana melon vines from the saffron patch, surf grubbed it, which means to work the top couple of inches of soil with a cultivator, and applied an organic fertilizer comprised of Soybean Meal, Rock Phosphate and Greensand.

After the substantial rainfall of couple of nights ago, the little corms have sprouted and within weeks I’ll be harvesting saffron from my roughly fifteen hundred plants.

Ci risentiamo,

Nick Mancini, The Organic Italian